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June 5, 2003- 4:43:13 pm

Seniors section is up! [Read More]

The Archives ::
The Archives are also up! Yay! Busy Little bee, aren't I?! [Read More]


May 08, 2003 - 11:06:38 pm

Bruin2k will soon be moving to a new server! No more annoying pop ups and constant, no, this is pure heaven for a web page.

Along with this change brings MORE change! I will no longer be running the site due to the fact that well... [Read More]

New Web Sections ::
New sections have been added such as the BOPA, band council and... [Read More]

The Archives ::
The Archives just have to do with the newly dubbed 'Classic B2K'. All the old news and stuff will still be here to view and remind of what went on that year.

I'm late on this, so do bare with me. The school year is coming to an end so things are going down this month folks! BOPA Elections, Banquet, and GRADUATION! About ... [Read More]

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