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Bruin News

Posted by: GabbyLu
August 06, 2003 4:41 pm

The 'BAND CAMP EDITION' will  consist of words of first time 'b-campers' (bamp) and... PICTURES. Some memories you can store on your computer for those of you just starting, and for those of you whose 'bamp' will be their last. Enjoy it Seniors!

This Edition will be reering it's head next week. TUES or WED.

Seniors Last Words
Posted by: GabbyLu
June 5, 2003 2:13 pm

'Seniors Last Words' page is up! Check out the somewhat wise words of your elderly ex- band folk. I only managed to get 5 of the 6 graduating Seniors. Charity was the missing one, but one of my favourite things she has said.... "GIVE MONEY TO CHARITY!", that had me a-crackin'!

Seniors Last Words


The Archives ::

'The Archives' are also up! It's just old news from the 2002-2003 year. I'm not sure If I saved any backup copies of the previous years... I can't seem to find any. But If I do, i'll be sure to add them for your viewing pleasure!

Link: The Archives

The Time Has Come
Posted by: GabbyLu
May 09, 2003 10:56 pm

Along with this change brings MORE change! I will no longer be running the site due to the fact that well, numero uno: I am no longer in band!  numero two: Even If I were to continue I wouldn't be able to keep up with current news and whatnot. As some regulars know, I had been looking for someone to take over since last year, but that ended when no one stepped up.

As for who might be taking over... that is T.B.A (to be announced) 'cause I don't know yet if the person in mind has taken the job or what.
I'll miss doing this, sure, but I hope to still be contributing in some manner. So with this and the new layout, I leave you all... maybe, depending if we find someone of course, and see you on the board!

Your neighboring crazy person,

New Web Sections ::
New sections have been added such as the BOPA, band councel and the Archives.
After all these years BOPA (Band and Orchestra Parents Association) deserve some kind of recongnition of sorts. I've ment to, but i've never followed it through. The new section will go up once I or new webmaster gets names.

Band Counsel *::*
After great and plenty of discussion with people on the messege board, not only will band cousel have their own section on the messege board (if ever used) they will also have their own representation on the page. Just a little Profile thing on the officers and stuff, nothing big but still very important.

I'm late on this, so do bare with me. The school year is coming to an end so things are going down this month folks! BOPA Elections, Banquet, and GRADUATION!

Stuff that happened ::

California Trip May 2-4
Music played: Chant, Jubilo and Air for Band
Exciting places gone: DisneyLand, Six Flags, and Fullerton Workshop

May 6
Final Concert, 7:30 pm

May 10
BOPA Elections 7 pm

Stuff yet to happen ::

May 15
Awards and Banquet at ROLLERO 75th Ave. Indian School (?)
6 pm - 9 pm
POT Luck
$3 admission fee
AND... is open to any Alumni (friends and family members of band and orchestra)

In this little section I will be putting up, as the topic suggests, 'Senior Last Words'. I have a few put not from all the seniors out there.

NOTE :: The mojority of the things that are not up yet, will or should be up by the next two weeks or so. So, don't expect anything up too soon.

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