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News from way back when

September 10, 2002 - September 27, 2002

Delays in Page- GabbyLu- September 10, 2002 10:16 pm

So Ok, everything IS done and ready to go problem... pictures, I've already been asked by a few about taking them... I was like "Where were you when I came last Monday?" Any way, i'll take pictures on Friday game day... marching or otherwise.
Sections with only 1 or 2 people are a combo with other sections in same situation. uuuuhmmm, what else?.............

Do well tomorrow, and play your music confidently as if you've been doing it for years.

What Day is it Tomorrow?- GabbyLu September 12, 2002 6:23 pm

That's right folks you KNOW it... it's your FIRST football game of the season! WOOOOOOOOO! Excited huh?! or just scurred? Well, don't be... it's only fun if YOU make it fun.
I remember those times when no one did anything and just sat there *cough* BRASS *cough* ... it's not fun if you do that. Dance, groove, have a seizure, whatever's your cuppo' tea folks!

Best of all .... you guys let gabby get into football games for free! I don't like football actually... i'm just there to support. And with that I leave you all

Red Scare! -GabbyLu- September 21, 2002 3:54pm

The Dominion page is newly updated... kinda. Some old things still on their, some new. New layout though, but still red not as intense though as we had complaints.

Steph, if you wanna change stuff or change the whole thing go right ahead, as it is yours now.

Piccolo Dominion

Right of Passage -GabbyLu- September 24, 2002 9:21 pm

Just wanted to say a 'lil somethin' to the newbies... Hope y'all are excited to go to your second, yes SECOND, football game of the season! If you enjoyed yourself at the first one... that will soon change. ((vbg)) It gets tougher to sit through the whole thing later on, so join another section (NEAR YOU) and come up with something useful and entertaining for all... believe you me, it will save you.

Updated Pages?!

SeCtIoNs PaGe:
Still trying to get pics and stuff from people to add to the sections section... soooo, i'm just gonna put on what I have for now. I need to get my first roll of film developed first though, teeheheee! I'M POOR LEAVE ME ALONE!

WoOdWiNd PaGe:
It's up and in ACTION! YAY!! Things have been added here and there and will soon be up to it's fullest! As we all know, or should know, This is ELAINE'S page, PARENTAL DISCRETION is advised. :D

DrUmLiNe PaGe:
Well, it seems there's some kind of problem with Spencers page so it's not going to be updated for a while. So, it will remain as it is.

FlAgLiNe PaGe:
I have no idea what is up... I guess somethin' happened to the server of the page and EVERYTHING was lost. That must SUCK for the other thousands of people who also had pages.... So, i'm just including them with the rest of the section sections. lol, i like saying/typing that SECTION SECTIONS... i'm lonely, please help me.

PiCcOlO DoMiNiOn:
Theeeeeey're baaaaaack, this is like an ongoing saga of sorts. First it just starts out as a Piccolo Cult like thing, then it goes into sacrifices of other instruments, then it wages war with it's enemies (drumline) and now it finally has merged itself with the Clarinets... how weird. Check it out! Link in September update... before this one.

Main Page B2K

New people, new year, a new layout is called for! I'm not sure what i'm gonna do yet, but it'll most likely include a pic at the beginning with the seniors like the current one of LAST years seniors, phew! that was a mouthful.
Another thing, if you ever need an update don't look for one on the main page, just come straight here 'cause I don't bother really to update the main page, it's too much of a hassle with tripod.

Pictures  -GabbyLu- September 27, 2002 10:08 pm 

New pictures section is up. Nothin' much but it'll grow. Adding more pics this weekend as well.


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