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News from way back when

August 20, 2002 - September 7, 2002

Spoiled Milk- GabbyLu- August 20, 2002

Ok, well guess what?!!! I'm comin' over on Monday to take pictures of everyone! If you have any pictures that you have already taken, please let me borrow them, scan, and I'll give 'em back.

Formal and informal section pictures will also be taken so be prepared. I would also like a section members list if at all possible, so I can put who is who in what section.

Sections page to be updated soon after. Hopefully a new look that goes with the main page too!

Woodwind Sectional - source: Jackie

If you haven't heard... which i'm sure you have, Woodwind Sectional on Friday from 6-8pm be there or suffer the wrath of Elaine: The Psychotic Chick From Down the Street... and a block to the left.

Things No Longer In This World- GabbyLu August 22, 2002 2:33 pm

Well, the Flagline page no longer exists ... so, some flag person with web knowledge would have to make one, if possible. If one isn't made for them by any flag people, i'll provide one for you on B2K.
Drumline: I hear Spencers back... Speeeeeenceeeeeeeer, hey bud, you need to update BIG TIME! oh, and of course WELCOME BACK! :X MWA! Hope things went well and you had fun. .

Sections -GabbyLu- August 24, 2002 11:19 pm

I have just finished the "sections" front page! Yay, all I need from what i've already told 'ya... is to go on Monday and take pics! But the page looks totally awesome... it's "some of my best work", as I told Jackie. As for Flagline, I haven't heard anything from them so... i'm gonna make y'all a page, and if someone wants to take care of it just leave me a note here at the messege board somewhere.

Update on sections page : Just finished all sections logos as well.. like flute logo, clarinet logo.. etc. Me so happy! tomorrow be the day folks!

Sections Page Update -GabbyLu- September 1, 2002 9:06 am

ok, well... i'm done with all that I need to do BUT, I still need section pictures and there is never really a good time to do this. So If your own section can take a picture and hand it to me I will be grateful... Of course Gabby knows better to even ask 'cause no one will do it, but I just thought I would ask anyway. Alrighty then! I'm gone 'cause i'm suppose to be going somewhere in an hour... and i'm not even out of my P.J's yet!

Sections Page Going Up THIS COMING Week -GabbyLu- September 7, 2002 11:07 pm 

Yeah folks, i'm just gonna use what I have for the pages which isn't much but ah well. The page should be up by wednesday, Thursday the latest. Should check it out when it's up, it looks purty groovy... or at least on MY computer it does.

First Football game of Season

Just wanna wish everyone good luck on Friday. It's your FIRST football game of the season, (hick accent) gabby's so proud of her youngin'!


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