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It's "The Sound of Music"

(it's the sound of SOMEthin' alright...)

December 6, 2001

I don't know, I like "The Sound of Music" it seems to be one of our somewhat challenging songs that we've done in the past 3 years, aside from "A Korean Folk Song", that one was cool. As soon as Tuesday (11th) has come by we will be moving on to different music (...yay...) hopefully as challenging if not more. As for Jazz Band, that class is going down the hole, only a few people actually show up on time, ALL the saxes are always late, and that only gives us some brass people whom seem to think that they're the "stuff" (HA!) think again buddies. Hopefully there's going to be an actual band next year, as for marching the band seems, at the moment, like they're going to be a solid division III band. It's not a bad thing, but you kinda miss the sound and excitement you get when your somewhat a big band. I want to come back next year and see something we haven't been for the past 3 years, and that's having a sence of togetherness, unforced that is, all natur-elle like it use to be. Once the bad blood leaves, your as good to go as a director, although Mr. S still has a few Juniors (this year) to get rid of next year so that he can actually go somewhere with the band and not have people slander him. I like Mr. S as a director, he is really good when he gets his mind into it and progresses to get the band to feel the same way. I like the composition of our show this year, especially "Bare Island", which we didn't get to put on the field, it was dark and gloomy with such intesity it freaked me out the first time i heard it!

IT'S SWITCHING TIME!: There have been so many people changing to different instruments this year, it's pretty freaky. We haven't had as many change (such as moi) of instruments in like ever! The funky thing is, is that some people who have just learned to play an instrument play better than the ones that have been playing it for 2 or more years. I myself have been poked and joked on about playing an oboe and how the sound sucks, well i'll tell you something people'z, give me a break! I've only been playing the dang thing for 2 1/2 weeks! And I have solo that actually came out pretty today. Charity had mentioned that it "sounds horrible", well I'll tell you something missy, I NEVER, EVER, heard you or Danielle play last year, and when you did, it sounded worse then my sound and i'll say it again: I've only been on the job for 2 1/2 weeks and i'm better then you ever got in all of concert season! Broken reed or not! Alright, enough venting of frustrations, I have to go now and do...stuff, yeah, stuff. BYE NOW! Oh, and i'd like to congradulate Pepe on his newly found solo that none of the other 5 Alto Saxes could play (this is a good example of the newbie being better than the oldies).


Do I have to say it?:

Happy Mid-terms!! oh,yeah, and Christmas too!

Nearing the end...

December 14, 2001

fOk, so have you started counting how many people will be gone by next year? Excluding this years Seniors this year that is. I would just advice not to worry about it, usually the people who are planning not to join band next sememster or next year and usually the bad blood. Once you get rid of them, you can start fresh once again, althouh there is a problem with the self discipline of the Freshman, they seem to have none. Not even those you think that do, seem not to, that's a major problem right now and if it goes unfixed then it will turn out to be an even bigger problem. Alright, enough somber thoughts here on to my point!

End of the year Video:

I'm hoping to make a "Stars Wars" kind of thing, a short 2 minute "preview", it's pretty cool I have it all mapped out and everything, all I need are actors/actresses. People in band aren't shy if front of other people, but sometimes when it comes to a camera, it's a whole different story. I'm also in the works of making "O Fortuna" for the Seniors, as most of us know, it's a song about misfortune and living in a hellish world and so on, so that song right there basically sums up the last four years in a theoretical scenerio inside my head. I don't know I thought it would be really neato to do it. I've been planning the "Star Wars" one since summer actually, so i'm hiped to do it, and hopefully (cross your fingers) the head kahuna of historians will accept both of them. All in all my band presentation is at most 5-6 minutes together. Another thing that was suggested (by Mary F.) is that we follow Vicky (security guard) and put the mission: impossible theme song with it, I figured that was a good idea and would be cool to do it so I had to say "yeah, sure, why not?!" and so here we are.

Just for a side note: I got through my interview with the Admissions lady at Collins College, and she really liked me! Meaning, I have a high chance of being accepted, and hopefully I will. Wish me luck, and if not it's ok, it's not like I can hear you anyway!




December 20, 2001

So, how were mid-terms? I managed to pull off a higher grade (by a few points) then everyone else in my Government class, I was surprised it was a high low B, now that's scurry. Math totally kicked my ass... that stuff was NOT understandable, I was lost and confused with a few exceptions. Physics went without a hitch, and one person passed the final in English and it wasn't me, the person who did pass guessed through the whole thing and passed with a high "C". I've reading some interesting stuff over the internet lately, they're story spin-offs, the latest one i've read was called "House on Redmen's Hill", very good read, set in WWI 1940's and deals with an archeologist and some southern belle. Not very exciting but quite informative. ANYWAYS! Band, we've been doing nothing, we actually took a final, my second since Freshman year. Winterguard try-outs were over, I forgot to get the names but you know who you are. Tomorrow is Friday, time for some R&R for the next two weeks. Check you out on flip side, yo.


yada-yada-yaaaaada: (I just like putting my e-mail up, it entertains me)

"I was born on vacation!"

December 23, 2001

Well, we are to have somekind of dinner tonight... I don't know we WERE suppose to have had it last night but my sister managed not to make the turkey to eat. With my other sister and her family coming down from California, it's a bit crazy with the green-eyed monster (my nephew) one or two of you may have met him. That boy is more trouble than a normal being could handle, and she has another coming, hopefully it's a girl this time. We still have the two weeks to go! Yay for us, we come back on the 6 or 7th right? Oh, well I'll check later. I don't keep much in touch with band people, it gets you over the stress sometimes, a lot of you are Kewl to hang out with it, but then there's that slim percentage (some from prop crew) that you just don't want to be around at all. I've had few confrontations with 2 or 3 of them, they "think" they own that damn little messed up room they have, of which i'm wondering...why are they still hanging in there if this is concert season and not marching season where we DON'T NEED a freakin' prop crew? We all get in trouble if we leave this or that out near our lockers, has Mr. S taken a gander at that shit-hole they have made the room into? You can barely walk in there, much less put anything away. Happy Merry Freakin' Christmas!! ...grrr.... I got a little too wound up...


"If yo have any frustrations and comments about all the stuff that goes on, please leave your name E-mail and message, or just 2 our of the 3 will do, after the the beep..." BEEP : IWIK1@HOTMAIL.COM

Holiday Reeper

January 6, 2002

Welcome to the new year!!! Make your new year resolution that you'll never follw through with? I sure did! Anyways, I had a fun vacation, traveling was my gift, so I didn't really get any material things for X-mas day. I ended up going to N.Z and California, and came back in time for school. Yippity doo da. Although the down side was getting attacked by a damn cat! my hands are all full of scrapes and bruises. To top it all off my friend ended up falling a couple of rocks near the ocean and fractured his upper arm or shoulder...something like that. Poor chap. All in all the hellish grandure of family wasn't enough to lauder me dowm, no sir, it just made me stronger... and depressed, angry, hateful, oh and vegeful as well! Well, even though it was a pretty awkward holiday, it was fun to know how skrewed up my family really was. Seniors, we now have only until May, 4 months if you don't count this month...

And so it begun...

January 8, 2002

Well, we aren't all too good with sight-reading... I have to admit the music chosen by Mr. S is quite challenging, I remember playing Aparita Roca my freshman year, I was this inexperienced player playing music that was faster and harder to play than any other music that was given to me, but of course after playing the Titanic show, this wasn't THAT challenging. Yet, I managed to play well and learn things that help me still today. And if this was hard for me as a freshman, and we are practically made up of freshman players, than you know how we're going to sound with players that came from where I did. The sad part is that many of them aren't very dedicated, and that goes for the rest of the upper classman as well, we have players just hangin' around in the back where the practice rooms are just doing nothing, it's just plain horrible. I know Mr. S has his faults but who doesn't, it's up to us to actually help things get better. The reason we didn't finish our show is because we didn't listen, we goofed around too much, and were not disciplined for such actions. Mr. S needs to release a HUGE can of woop ass on us, seriously, we haven't had many consequences for doing things we're not suppose to. My freshman year, everyone was obedient, but the change from one director to another fazed us quite a bit, I didn't know Mr. B much but he was funny and he knew when to get down to business when needed and when to have fun. He would yell and get mad at us, then he'd apologize or explain LATER. That was his basic way of working, but things change…what can you really do? As soon as the Seniors and Junior graduate Mr. S can start all over with a new fresh batch of band members. Next year we are to be a solid 3 band, that's if we don't get many freshman coming. Alright, well I'm done complaining and jabbering on, I actually have homework to do.

A new king is born!

January 11, 2002

Today was a historic moment! Mr. S put a couple of people in their place! They weren't doing what they were suppose to and the way they saw Mr. S react toward that, they submitted right away. This is just the beginning to the birth of a new director, future freshman will probably be getting a work out with him. I have truley never been so proud...really! Although we still have a tendancy of being a bit routy, but that'll probably change in due time. Regionals are coming soon and fast. We've been to quite a few events this year, although it didn't seem like it. Nothing really new is going on but i'll be sure to keep you updated.



Where has the time gone?

January 22, 2002

Ok, for the few of our Seniors that are left during lunch on Wednesday.... that was the most funkiest, oddest, even kinda scary day, at least for me anyway. I ran like crazy, I didn't care if was a false alarm or not I bolted! Better to be safe than sorry is what I say. Anyway, we now have 3 months until prom, 4 months until graduation...and counting. The time is coming very quickly, which is the scary part. I don't want to leave my nest, but then I again hell if I'll stay. After graduation the rest of my life will officially begin. What to do, what to do... Alright well, either than the Pep rally this Friday and the Performance art thing next week, there's nothing going on. We are brown slipped 2nd hour ONLY, and enough of 3rd hour to put instruments away. Nothing interesting has been going on, so everyone be careful 'cause if the smallest little thing happens I will blow SO beyond perportion, for entertainment reasons of course! Time has come and gone, and I'm going to so LATERZ!