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Bruin News

Video Clips
Posted by: GabbyLu
August 19, 2003 4:41 pm

After years of not knowing what I was doing.... we finally have video clips up!

The first one's are 3 of last years seniors, Kelly, Mary, and Stephanie. Unfortunatly I didn't get any other Senior. Anywho, the other 3 are of May 2003's final concert, if you purchased the DVD that included that concert, you probably noticed that the footage was a little shaky... this one isn't much... Although I thought it was.. Sorry Mr. A!

[ ! ] Warning!
Do note, becuase of file size I compressed them to make them faster to download so the video will be pixelized (squary and displaced) as well as 'choppy', but the sound is peachy! ENJOY!

[ ! ] Another Warning!
These are QUICKTIME FILES!!! .MOV!!!! That means you MUST have quicktime to view these files!!! NOT Windows Media player or anything else. QUICKTIME... it's free to download.

Downloading 101

If you want these files saved on your computer (hard drive)...

.:: For Windows computers ::.
1. Just right click
2. Save Target As...
3. Pick a folder you can FIND EASILY (my documents, desktop...whatever)
4. Click OK/Save and wait for it to download!
5. Then go and find it and open manually

.:: For Macintosh/Apple computers :.
1. Control Click on link
2. Save to Hard Disk
3. Pick a folder
4. Save
5. Find it. Open manually




File Size



852.7 KB



708.5 KB

Kelly (broken)


722.2 KB

Concert Part I


4.4 MB

Concert Part II


2.9 MB

Concert Part III


5.0 MB

Just tested the uploading, for some reason the kelly one is NOT working. I'll try to figure out the problem, for some reason quicktime doen't recognize it... until then hold tight please! .. the others work though.

About time!
Posted by: GabbyLu
September 20, 2003 5:32 pm

Yes, it's about time.. an update! Dun dun duuuuuuun!
I have some new pics but i'm having problems with the file extensions (.gif, .jpg, .png), they are not being recognized... so i'll fix that this week. I warn you all though, a lot of 'em came out crappy... but i'm sure you all will be able to find your distroted faces somewhere in there, lol. Sooooo, no pictures YET.

Clips: I have the clip of Friday's (Sept. 5) performance up and ready for download. It's a big file for those with slow connection... shouldn't be too long for DSL or whatever other fast  connections out there.

Here's da link: (again, it's a QUICKTIME movie file, follow instruction on top of page) Performance.MOV 4.28 MB

I also gave Spencer some sound files of two cadences from drumline, so he should have those up now... or soon. Check those out too!!!

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