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the makings of a bruin
Bruin2k: Trevor G. Browne Band
Created and maintained by GabbyLu
Drumline: A Devision of Bruin2k
Created and maintained by Spencer Hawley
Flagline Page
Created and maintained by Jessika Malic
Woodwind Page
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Piccolo Dominion
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Gabriela Lujan, once apon a time was the piccolo section leader (marching), plays flute/ oboe as well.

Colour: Blue, Sign: Aries (grrrr), hobby: drawing/ nude sculptures (teheheh), and I like moon lit walks on the beach. ;-)
Nicknames: GabbyLu, Gabby-dabby-doo, Gabalicious, Gabriela Luciella (curtousy of Carriena!), kiwi, iwik5.... the list goes on

The year was 1999... the millenium was nearing and I was getting everso interested in web making. Come the year 2000, I realized, "Hey, there's no band website. Why don't I make one?!" I sat down at my computer, and so it began.
Prior to this, though, there was a band webpage maintained by some senior at the time of my freshman year, after that, it would be another year before I would come in and make one, it was crappy as hell but I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! No one really knew about the site until around late in the 2000 year. But it's ok, B2K is doing pretty good. We get hits averaging to about 15- 25 hits a day, our lowest being around 10. Not bad for just a band web page. The highest, which freaked me out, it was 101! It's becuase I had been posting the page addy anywhere and everywhere to get some hits... it worked!! And still hardly anyone signs the dang guest book! ...grrr...

Why Bruin2k?
Well, it WAS originally Bruinweb2k, but it was too long so I just cut it up, and it sounded even better! (2k) was for the whole Y2K hype that was going on, so I just added it. And so here we are....

The Band: Trevor G. Browne HS, located in Phoenix, AZ.

1998: Band was lead by Mr. Burgner for 3 years before leaving for another job

1999: Mr. Swardstrom comes in and takes over for the next 3 years.

2002: Mr. Swardstrom leaves, Mr. Adams takes his place as new instructor

Marching Shows:

'98 Titanic

'99 Movie Themes

'00 A Tribute to Aaron Copland

'01 Mission: Impossible 2

You can find more info. on our marching shows on Flaglines page and on the Woodwinds page


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