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Section Leader.

Stephanie Adams
.: Senior Piccolo Player :.


Section Members.

All Flute Players

Mary Flores
Senior ::

Shabreta Peterson
Sophomore ::

Freshman ::

Freshman ::

Freshman ::

Charity Farnham
(plays when she's not doing her drum major duties)





TOP L2R: Shabreta, Charity, Jalayna
BOTTOM L2R: Mary, Stephanie, Tammy


Section Web Page: Piccolo X Dominion

Piccolo Dominion, original  dominion part takers were from last years marching season. Ranks consisted of the highest of power the All Mighty (Section Leader) down to the High Priestess, The Wise One, Master of All / Gatekeeper, and the Cherubs. Check out the 2002-2003 Leadership of the Dominion

Bruin2k: Trevor G. Browne H.S.