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Well, this is the historian page... What can I really say? I just made a groovy looking logo picture and I had to put it to use so I said "why not?", then here we are. In small detail this page will have stuff related to the Historian group.

Video and pictures will be taken periodically over time by different historians, such as at the moment in which Spencer is taking video of people around the band. Please we ask you not to shy away from the camera that way you yourself will be included in the end of the year video and for memories of this year. So far the Historians are made up of 9 people, the main 5 are our Seniors (the big "Kahuna" being Mike) and the other 4 are the apprentices for the year(s) to follow. We hope to also include the Orchestra because they, after all, are part of the music department and they have been excluded from the end of the year video for a couple of years I belive. Hence, the end of the year video was called "The End of The Year Band Video", without Orchestra BOPA (Band and Orchestra Parents Association) would be BPA, we need that "O" people'z.

Well, just to entertain you below are some excerpts from the last "Bruin's Latest" issue, enjoy.


Bruins Latest (issue #2)


Director's Special

"Music moves the spirit - music comes from the spirit. don't diminish the power of music in our lives."


To Flags

Hey, always remember not to eat Burrito's in your uniform, but if it happens, just throw it in the Spin Cycle. Don't get in trouble, and remember the word of the day is...

From Flag Cap

To Hula Chick

Lookin' good. Thx 4 all the therapy. I'll have to start paying you.

From Marnitksia

To Blob

Satan's always a crowd please! I should know!

From Jubilee

To Christen and Stephanie

I guess since your section is a bunch of monkeys. what does that make the clarinets?

From Chris

To whom it may concern

I confess, I eat shoes! If you know who I am you get $1.

From Smelly Breath

....These are just SOME of the weird stuff written!...

There has been an overwhelming responce in sending personals compared to last year. Our newbies are wonderful, although sometimes, to tell you the truth, they tend to go on and somehow contract "selective hearing" :D. Something they must have picked up from us lol. But, they're wonderful and the most dedicated group i've seen since MY freshman year, back in the day. This year is going to rock! Keep up the good work and remember to have 'controled' fun!

'Till then i'm outta here!


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