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Section Leaders.

Flute / Piccolos: Stephanie Adams

Clarinets: ' Shared Role '

Baritones + Trombones: Brian Waugh

Tubas: Joseph Godbehere

Horns: Lincoln Solis

Saxes: Porfy Chavez

Flagline: Heather Roberts

Drumline: Kelly O'Donnell



Woodwinds: Elaine Perez

Drumline: Brian Higgs
Alt. / Pit Instructors: Joe Perez, Mike McLaughlin

Flagline: DeAnne






Page Credits.

This whole page along with the majority (not all) of contents of B2K, belong to GabbyLu and are part of the Trevor G. Browne Band. Use of any items such as images are hereon forbidden without permission. Why?! Because I worked hard! And by gosh because i'm special! But no one will listen anyway, so whatever... I just needed space to take up.

 .: These are the people who make it happen :.

 : Future husband beaters of America, in training. "The Dominion will rule all!"

 : Now, these people look like they're from some type of mafia... don't mess with their turf, man!

 : Evile I tell you EVILE!!

 : Tone - a - whatta?

 : hmmmm... if you only knew

 : Say wa?!

 : Crazy folks with pixie stick highs 24-7

 : They're the reason why helmets are worn in marching.

 : Rattle, Rattle, Rattle.... Intro to the Drumline, who be they?!

 : Sax - a - ma - phoooooooones




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