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Seniors Last Words:
Hats off to the Class of 2003

Lincoln Solis

I'm happy to leave, excited, can't wait.
Bye bye you all people, i'll miss you, sort of, kind of!

Kelly O'Donnel

It was fun this year, it was new. Mr. Adams is awesome for being here. Make him feel loved, you don't get it he NEEDS it, guys HE NEEDS it.
Just make sure to have fun, and make sure to RESPECT the elders, the upper classmen (Mary interupts: Amen! Brothah! ..or Sistah!)
Don't, yeah, respect them, yeah, as they have been here Repect them.

Mary Flores

What am I suppose to do now?! i'm a screw up! (dramatic poses)
Be strong, don't suck! Because I have to say I came from Trevor Browne when I'm at ASU! So, if you suck they're all going to beat on me,  the fourty section Piccolo section (dramatic exit)

Stephanie Adams

I want to fail and come back. (Mary interupts: do you know she's not going to be in band next year, anywhere?! You better kick her...)
Have fun and enjoy it, it goes by too fast and make the most of it... (Mary interupts...again: AND you quit after you graduate what kind of ____ is that?!)
... I forgot what I was going to say.

Joseph Godbehere

(runs and says nothing) (Kelly: Run away!)


Unfortunatly I didn't get to Charity Farnham, but she would of been in here too. SORRY CHARITY!!!

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:: Behind the Scenes ::

Kelly.... that's all I have to say Mary in one of her dramatic poses. I don't think she wants to leave. This is Mary's 'Exit', it's funnier on video obviously.

Mary interupting of Stephs 'last words'.... geeesh! :D