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Farewell to Trevor Band Staff-GabbyLu- May 20, 2002

Well everyone seems to be leaving, from our very own director, Mr. Paul Swardstrom, to our instructees Kai Rogers and Elaine Perez. Usually this means discouragement to other band members, don't worry if you work your butts off you'll be able to pull it off and succeed. I'm graduating, so I don't have to worry much about what's going down but I do feel for you all. Dats fo sho! (a little bit of lingo I picked up!) There are going to be a few (1-3) seniors coming back to help out with the transition of directors and so forth, of course we're not allowed to be there the whole time due to district rules and so forth, but we'll do what we can on alloted time. Anyway, hope your guys' year goes off without a hitch. I'll update you if anything important comes up about your new director.


Graduation -GabbyLu- May 20, 2002 8:30 am

Only four more three more days until graduation! Many of us (especially Seniors) have been waiting for this blessed event of our final attachment to the school that is Trevor G. Browne. May 23 reckons the day when we are free of high school drama's and crazy ass people. Hopefully graduation will go off without a hitch, considering in years past people have thrown so many things after the ceremony, one of those things being tortillas! Yes, the wonderful sound of that damned blow horn and the cries of weeping parents proud of those little BeBe's kids... what more could one want? What sucks is that i'm SUPPOSED to be at school right now, but that's not going to happen considering Senior out of the some 30 or something years this school has been open never have they instructed us that we HAD to keep going to school until graduation day. I myself and the rest of my other senior classes are probably closed right now, so i'm not feeling bad about that. All grade books are closed so what the hell would we be doing for the next three days?!! I'm done venting, but if this happens to you next year Juniors... you do the same!


Bruin2k Coming Back -GabbyLu- May 20, 2002 8:53 am

Bruin2k is coming back for next years seasons (Marching and Concert). I was going to entrust the page to someone who is actually still in the band, but that's not really going anywhere so i'm going to keep doing it. MEANING TO ALL OF THIS, the web page will be updated weekly on Sunday's, which is the only real time I will really have time to do this. I don't want this page to go down like other band web pages have and so i'm keeping this up due to loyalty to the band. One of these days... when I get a real paying job, i'll be getting a domain of our own so we don't have to get all of this pop-up crap from Tripod. Which really annoys me becuase it's only suppose to be ONE pop-up, now it's freakin' two because of Lycos! But it's there's so they can do what they want without having to say anything to anyone!


Seniors Attend school all week -GabbyLu-

What kind of BS is that?!! Since when has Trevor done this?! I'd like to know, I and nearly the entire Senior class protested to this by not even going to school. They tell us this a couple of days before graduation when we're preparing for the day by going and buying what we need, accomadating friends and family from out of town and so on...and they have the galls enough to do that. We all know that Trevor just wants money, seriously, for every student that attends Trevor the school gets a certain amount from the State or District something like that, for each and every one of us attending. They even threatend us saying that if we don't come that it will affect our grades! Grades close on the last day of Exams!!! What are we suppose to do for the remainder of the week?!! I'm angry at how ghetto and dumb our school officials have become. They might have a reason for doing this, but what also pisses me off is that they don't tell the students themselves about what's going on, we are always left in the dark, i'm just glad i'm leaving.

-GabbyLu- May 20, 2002 15:29pm


Graduation Rehersals -GabbyLu- May 20, 2002 16:03 pm

Well since we live in sunny freaggin' Arizona, rehersal is to start at 6:45 am (6:30 to be sure) that way we don't burn later int he afternoon. Make sure to remember, if you don't attend you WILL NOT WALK... those of you who are suppose to anyway.


Band Practices over summer?! -GabbyLu- May24, 2002 16:12 pm

Nothing is ever set on stone, but you might be gettting mail early on in the summer as well as a call or two to remind you of summer practices... IF we have some. Some things like this always just POP up, but if your not doing anything any way over the summr just come 'cause then when you do come back for band camp your always lost and confused about what you have and haven't been doing so it's a good idea to keep YOURSELF updated on what's going on.

The End -GabbyLu- May 24, 2002 11:58 am

Wow...well Seniors, it's over. No more of the high school stuff we use to do... yup! Now we can do that stuff legally!! It was an awesome time for me the past four years, bad and good, I admit it now: "I LOVE band". Unfortunately not enough to keep persuing it (awwww). The Morning After: Blinding headache, I was going to get up early this morning to help clean up the band room... i just couldn't OY! Never again! I awoke around 11 am, and I was suppose to go have lunch and stuff with my sister, I was starting to re-think the whole thing. It just didn't even feel like Graduation, I couldn't believe it even happend but I got up this morning went to the living room and there it was all... the balloons the 'Wish you well' cards, gifts and so on. I got bummed, the realization of total adolescent freedom dawned upon me... the 'real world' sucks! I was just released from a small cage into a bigger one! What can you do? I have to look for a job, which I HAVE BEEN, but no one wants me :-( it's ok, they don't know what they're missing. Enough ramblings, congrats Seniors, and we all wish you the best in your new found freedom... just don't get TOO hiped on it.

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