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New Director yet to be chosen - GabbyLu- source: Steph- May 29, 2002 9:30 am

As y'all know we are getting a new director, if you didn't you are waaay behind the times buddy! Anywho, we have two runner ups for the position, a Female (more info later) and a Male (more info later). A decision was going to be made when the Female was the only one to apply for the job, but then the Male guy came in and it was undecided again. Their names are unknown to me so they'll just be known as they have been so far, Female and Male :-) I don't know when a decision is going to be made about which one will get the job, but it better be quick that way whoever gets the job can start working on this years marching show! Ok, well here's what i've been told about them: This is what my source has told me...

Female: Main instrument is Piccolo, Flute, and Saxaphone. Has never had her own band, but has dabbled and worked with many other things. Her significant other (boyfriend) is in the music business as well and is a director at some school. When asked some question about doing stuff for the band (don't know exactly) she said she ' ...Would listen to the kids and make the music fun.' Remeber i'm not sure if that's what she said exactly since I wasn't there, but you've got the jist of it!

Male: Main instrument: Trombone. Was in Drum and Bugle Corps, has tought at Cortez but left because of the "...feeder schools and how they cut the music program." 10 years experience, and said he wouldn't concentrate on just the low brass... THE MEMORIES aaaahhhhhhhh!! ( My source was unclear on that last sentence, if there was a third party or not, so that guy might not have the 10yr experience it might be some OTHER new guy...)

Well, hopefully this gives you a little bit of an insight about what's going on, so you won't be left just in the dark...

2001- 2002 Marching Roster - GabbyLu June 5, 2002 16:57pm

Ok, so I was bored one day and just decided to put up everyones name. If you don't go to Trevor you might recognize someone from junior high or something that's in band too... so yeah... Oh! and I completely forgot to send congrats to next years Drum Majors Charity Farnham and Jedi Knight, our friendly neighborhood mormons, Love ya guys!! :-x (mwaaa!) As faulty as I am, i'll have to post everyone elses positions (section leaders, band council, etc...) once I get someone to "remind" me of who they are. I don't have a great memory, what can I say? Well, Bruin2k will be on haitus for a little while since a lot of people are on vacation and what not meaning news is pretty slow and scarce at the moment. Alrighty then! It's nothing spiffy but to check out the roster just [Click here].

About the directors... -GabbyLu- Source: Steph June 6, 2002 8:45am

And it's not good news. Apperantly the female director was chosen for the job, BUT she decided not to do it and here we are in this big loopy circle STILL without a director for the 2002-2003 Marching Season. Big BUMMER!

New Director to take over -GabbyLu- Source: B2K guestbook June 23, 2002 18:19pm

Well, it has come to my attention (in the guestbook) that you all have a new director! Mr. Adams is his name and he will be joining the Trevor G. Browne band for the 2002-2003 seasons and hopefully beyond. It had been a while since I had even bothered to look at the web page online, I have been working on it offline by adding a lot more pictures than I have ever posted so at the moment i'm still busy uploading and editing and so forth. And to who ever posted the messege in the guestbook, thank you... I don't know who it is, but i'm guessing it's Matt Vasselli, since I can picture his head with those words coming out of his mouth! This annonymous person says that Mr. Adams is to join the band late this month or early July. Wait!!! It just donned on me!!! I KNOW WHO IT IS NOW!!!!! I'm not kiddin' y'all it just came to me as i'm typing this, how freaky! I shall reveil the person some other time... but be assured, I- KNOW-WHO-YOU-ARE!!! S.R.A. !!

Should I take this as a threat?! Maybe i'm being stalked...




(hums Adams family song)
they're taking over folks, slowly and one by one.

The future beholds... -GabbyLu- June 27, 2002- 0:33 am

I foresee, a fresh start this year. Yes, Gabalinni the palm reader sees a fun year with a spiffy beginning! If everything goes as it has been the past four years then that means that band camp will begin a week before the first day of school, so that SHOULD be on Monday, July 29, 2002. And school should start on August 5th. I could be wrong... If I am someone tell me. Oh, another thing who in the world is "Someone Much Wiser ;)"??? I am completely lost on this one!! I'm wracking my brains trying to figure it out but I have no clue. Can I ask one question though?! Are you a boy or a girl? That could help me 'ya know!!

It's 12:05 am and i'm watching 'Street Smarts', there a sho' some dumb people out there! Off topic here, cause i'm bored... if i could choose to be any cartoon I would be: Buttercup! From PowerPuff girls! How corny and cute at the same time. Another question: Have you guys seen those tobacco commercials? Where they do different things to 'spread the truth' about smoking. Are those real people in real situations? Like did they really turn on a whole bunch of crying toy babies and let them roam around the street?!::

.:: I'll figure it out, you just wait! ::.


Bruink2 EZ Messege Board- GabbyLu- June 27, 2002- 13:59pm

I signed us up with a messege board just for the heck of it. Wasting more webspace out there, anyway all you have to do is register and your automatically in! I just have to get a new server that will host my pictures 'cause the one I currently have is stupid (it's not tripod, eventhough Tripod is stupid too).

Bruin2k EZ Messege Board


Pictures- GabbyLu- June 27, 2002- 14:09pm

The "new" pictures section will go up once I get them all uploaded, my computer is really slow now 'cause I have a lot crap in it of which the mojority I can't get rid of. So, uploading pictures is a real painstaking process for me. But at the soonest, the page should be ready by next week, latest: a week after that. It has like a hundred plus pictures, The one's I and a few other people have provided so if you see the same people over and over, you'll know why.




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