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- GabbyLu  

Another start - July 3, 2002 - 3:23 am 

Another day, another month... it just never ends does it? Mind me folks, i'm just restless. Nothing new has been going on at the moment, so no new news. I just go some new software though and am learning how to use it. It's all confusing to me, but lets see in a few weeks how much i've learned ( if nothing at all ). If you have anything important to state or just an opinion or whatever really, just go to the Bruin2k EZ Messege Board and jot it down in there. I'm still trying to find a good server that'll host my pics for me, so until then you'll still be seeing those empty boxes with the red " x " in them. 

.: Looky what I found! I thought they were cute :.
Chester's my guy... grrrr
These are "dolls" used in THE PALACE CHAT
it's a pretty kewl chat place, if you can get it. I've had mine for 3 years but i've
only used it 6 or 7 times, it's still awesome to use though!
There's something funny in the water - GabbyLu - August 3, 2002 - 21:08 pm 

Yes folks, there's somethin' goin' on! A new year, new people, new director... new rules. Mr. Adams is going to have everyone learn the Fight Song  AND Alma Mater words/ lyrics  of the school songs. No one ever hears these songs except at graduation, and a singing band... now THAT'S a MUST SEE! or HEAR should I say. Singing of the band hasn't been attempted since my freshman year in '98... this will be something I most definately won't miss!  
Both songs are posted, and you may access them at anytime, in other words just print them out! Don't be bums, trees are a renewable source.


 BrUiN SoNg PrIdE PaGe


Well, since I have no life, even with college, I will be available on Fridays of every week... possibly during the mornings only though. As I told Mr. Adams, that the College gods smiled upon my school and said "Thou shalt NOT have school on Fridays, be free, do your will... be children once again!" hehehe, oh those wonderful College gods, I bow before them. Sooooooo, you may contact me at anytime that morning, I'll let you know if anything changes. AND this also means that i'll be able to make it to your guys' football games!!! ...yay... 

It's a Kodak moment - GabbyLu - July 25, 2002 - 21:27 pm 

Ah, yes... pretty people. No, I'm not talking to any of you! (j/k!) Ok, so the big perks of going to a technical school is? You can check out expensive stuff... and use it too! Heheeheh, i'm going to try to get my grubby little hands on some cameras... the ones that come out with nice pics that is. Let's just hope they'll let me do it.  

:: The Plan :: 
Get cameras for collective albums for not only end of the year video, but for a special little project  I'm taking up myself. 
Another plan that you may know about is that i'll be doing a video thing... If you have never seen the one we had professionally done in '98,  just ask a historian and they might dig it up for you. But it'll be similar to that, only amateur of course. All this is susceptible to change, 'cause I really don't know what Mr. Adams has planned for the marching season. Alrighty, well that's all folks! Ciao, my amigos! 

Week One Over - GabbyLu - August 3, 2002 - 15:32 pm 

Congrats everyone! Your first week of camp is over, and from what i've seen and heard it was all pretty much success. We have a few new peeps that have joined the band and it's all working out spiffily. School  for you guys starts on Wed. which I found really weird, buy anyway. This year is going great already, and with everyone's positive thinking and attitude more greatness will come for you guys. I wish you all luck throughout your season. 

B2K Update: Yeah I know, I said pictures would be up like billions of years ago... I don't kow what's up with that. I think I'll just send themt o Elaine to put in her Yahoo Album thing that she ahs. We'll see what she says. Also, I heard a few people tried to e-mail me, sorry I didn't get your messeges and stuff, my inbox was extremely full of junk and stuff so resend them if you'd like at  

Bruin2k EZ board: It's easy to use and it costs you nothing JOIN THE DARN THING!!! I just got to spiff it up a bit once I learn how to. Right now the graphics are REALLY corny. ANYONE can post... right now it's just Steph and I 'cause we're the only ones who do post.... and if you post it'll be, Steph, me, and [ your name here ]! Join, it's easy. 

Out of Date - GabbyLu - August 14, 2002 - 17:20 pm

Finally an update everyone! Hopefully this will no longer go on for so long. Alright, on to the news! Nothing you don't know already really, but from what i've been been hearing everything is going great! From what i've seen it's all true. I wish the newbies great luck, and I hope they will enjoy their experience with the TGB Marching Band. To check out outdated and news from the ether check out the links to the right under <Bruin2k>. I went today and saw band peeps selling drinks like large waters, Gatorade and some other stuff for the heat, I thought 'Wow! Total awesome idea', turns out Mrs. Velsseli was the one who thoght of it. Way to to go Mrs. V!


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