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State Marching Festival, PCC
Warning: Pictures of high quality, may take time to load

Good shot of pit, far right

Formal and unformal Poses


As they say, the bus becomes our changing area for all band members Band members in their natuaral habitat Parking lot Pole Dancers Woodwind "Pixy Shot"

Feel the love!

And no, it doesn't say Trevo Bon

c/o 2002 Seniors

Standing up, Left to right:

Amy, Jessika M., Brian, Joe, Treona, Jennifer, Mike, Shaun, Billy (can't see him, but he's there) and Jessica G.

Sitting Down, Left to right:

David, Darol, Gabby, Ramon, Ryan, and Jeremy //Jennifer F. and Danielle not included (sawry)


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State Pictures

Pictures are compliments of Doris