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2003-2004 Schedule

Just started summer? Well, the school year schedule is out! No excuses and no bombarding Mr. A about 'when's' and 'where's'.... ya guys are gonna be bizzy.


Leadership Retreat   12 noon                  August 1st 2nd

Band Camp                            7-11 am                   August 4th 8th

                                            12-2 pm

Dress Rehearsal                      6-8 pm                    September 4th

Home Football                        5-10 pm                  September 5th

Dr. Tim                                  8 am-2pm                September 13th

Dress Rehearsal                       6-8 pm                    September 18th

Home Football                         5-10 pm                  September 19th

U of A Drumline tune up             TBA                       September 20th

Dress Rehearsal                       6-8 pm                    October 2nd

Home Football                         5-10 pm                  October 3rd

AZPAS                                      TBA                       October 4th

Dress Rehearsal                       6-9 pm                    October 17th

ASU Band Day                            TBA                       October 18th

Dress Rehearsal                       6-9 pm                    October 24th

NAU Band Day                           TBA                       October 25th

Dress Rehearsal                       6-9 pm                    October 31st

Peoria Festival                            TBA                       November 1st

Dress Rehearsal                        6-9 pm                    November 7th

Flowing Wells Festival  TBA                       November 8th

Dress Rehearsal                        6-9 pm                    November 14th

State Festival                              TBA                       November 15th

Dress Rehearsal                   After School                December 8th

Holiday Assembly                2nd-4th hour                December 9th

Dress Rehearsal                       6:30 pm                   December 11th

Winter Concert                         6 pm                        December 12th

All State Jazz auditions              TBA                       December 13th

Auditions for Musical  after school                December 15th-16th

All Regional auditions               TBA                       January 23rd-24th

Solo and Ensemble                   TBA                       January 23rd-24th

Dress Rehearsal                   after school                  January 28th

Perf. Arts Assembly               2nd-4th hour               January 29th

All State Jazz Band                    TBA                       January 29th-31st

Greater Phoenix Festival             TBA                       February 7th-8th

All Regional Festival                   TBA                       February 13th-14th

Dress Rehearsals                        TBA                       February 23rd-25th

Musical                                      TBA                       February 26th-28th

ASU Honor Band                        TBA                       February 28th-29th

Dress Rehearsal                          TBA                       TBA

Area Concert Festival                   TBA                       March 4th-6th

All State Auditions                      TBA                       March     12th-13th

Dress Rehearsal                          TBA                       TBA

(TGB Concert Festival)                 TBA                       March 19th-20th

Spring AZPAS                             TBA                       March 26th

All State                                     TBA                       April 15th-17th

Dress Rehearsal                          TBA                       TBA

State Festival                              TBA                       April 29th-30th

Dress Rehearsal                        6:30 pm                   May 10th

Final Concert                              6 pm                        May 11th