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Senior Girls: Girl T-shirts have arrived and are $12.00 each, you can pay at the bookstore and then just show your reciept to a Senior Class Rep.

Senior Class T's: They're still on sale people, get yours now for the cheapest this school will go, S-XL $10 and XXL $12, pay at bookstore show class rep. reciept.

Important Dates:

Month of April

  • 4th: Early dismissal

  • 13th: Prom

  • 18th: Halfday....some Dance concert or something (shrugs)

  • 26th: Spring Sports Assembly (...yay...)

  • 27th: Car show ( Can I show off my moped with red wagon? It's a "type" of car right?!)

  • 30th: TGB Carnival ( We have plans for Joe (drummer) on this one!)

Month of May

  • 2nd: Early release

  • 3rd: Senior Ditch Day

  • 10th: Senior Class "Picnic"

  • 16th: Last Day of classes for Seniors (sniff, sniff)

  • 23rd: G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N-! ( Hasta la vista TREVOR!!)


Taken from the March 2002 "Senior Class News" paper from TGB