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Welcome to Bruin2k!

Home of the Trevor G. Browne HS Marching Band. Here you will find many interesting things in a band members life, including how you can use pixy stix as a currency in band. Here I share with you "a day in the life" of a TGB band member, be warned some pictures might be too graphic for non band members to view.

Through centuries band members have been percieved as being "nerds"...well, they were right! Well, to an extent that is, some of us act goofy for the fun of it! But, band members have always been more than just nerds, we provide entertainment for the school as well as school spirit in which others may lack. Although most of us may not be liked for our "perkyness", we always have 80 or so other people in band that may say otherwise, and a perk to being a band member is that when you graduate...there will be a whole band cheering just for you...even though no one in the crowd may not, you won't feel AS bad. N-E WHO! Moving on here, Bruin2k is here because we have developed quite a bit for the past 2 years or so and I wanted to show and share with others this growth that some may have not noticed. We are going to have a blastin' Marching Season!!! So go now and feel free to take a gander in the BRUINVERSE!




I've decided to take part in a short video production starring the band. It's going to be a sort of "music video", featuring the music from "The Mummy Returns" soundtrack/video. I so far have everything I need, but will be needing help in the "acting" department. Please, if I come around you with a camera don't shy away from it, you will laugh and enjoy it when you look back on it later in the year. If you would like to help with Production feel free to e-mail me and i'll see what you could do to help.

Another one I want to do is for Band Camp, featuring the song "Camp". I'm not sure who it's by, but if you like the kind of sence of humor in the song you WILL be guaranteed to laugh.

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marching season

And our Marching Show is...


If you haven't heard already of which you may have, and if you have... GO AWAY! We have already sampled our first song "High jack", we have already recieved our second show tune, "Neville". The second song is going to take A LOT of counting to do, so this is where our music skills will come into play. There are going to be some field effects/props and stuff from what I hear, so it's going to be bitchin'! This year is going to go off without a hitch, as long as we have seniority cooperation coming from our veteran band members, since we've been here through thick and thin "Trial and Error" I guess. See you on the field!



A Note:

This page may not be as expected, considering it was off-line for a LONG time, I just got really lazy at the end, that and I kept changing things around and making new stuff. The page you see here is my 5th attempt for a "new look". <g> I work pretty hard trying to come up with ideas for graphics, such as the B2K logo you saw at the top, and on some other pages. BARE WITH ME HERE! If you want to join the B2K staff, PLEASE e-mail me!! I AM IN DEAR NEED OF HELP!!! ---> IWIK1@HOTMAIL.COM


-Elaine Perez

"Alright, play it one more time! ...(10 times later)... 2 more times I promise!"

-Paul Swardstrom (Band Director)

Outside the Bruinverse

"Don't spend two dollars to dry clean a shirt. Donate it to the Salvation Army instead. They'll clean it and put it on a hanger. Next morning buy it back for seventy-five cents."
- Coronel



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