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New Director to take over
Well, it has come to my attention (in the guestbook) that you all have a new director! Mr. Adams is his name and he will be joining the Trevor G. Browne band for the 2002-2003 seasons and hopefully beyond.

I took this picture, purty huh?!!

It had been a while since I had even bothered to look at the web page online, I have been working on it offline by adding a lot more pictures than I have ever posted ... [Read On]

2001- 2002 Marching Roster-June 5, 2002

Ok, so I was bored one day and just decided to put up everyones name. If you don't go to Trevor you might recognize someone from junior high or something that's in band too... so yeah... Oh! and I completely forgot to send congrats to next years Drum Majors Charity Farnham and Jedi Knight, our friendly neighborhood mormons, Love ya guys!! :-x (mwaaa!) As faulty as I am, i'll have to post everyone elses positions... [Read On]

New Director yet to be chosen- May 29, 2002

As y'all know we are getting a new director, if you didn't you are waaay behind the times buddy! Anywho, we have two runner ups for the position, a Female (more info later) and a Male (more info later). A decision was going to be made when the Female was the only one to apply for the job, but then the Male guy came in and it was undecided again. Their names are unknown to me so they'll just be known as they have been so far, Female and Male :-) I don't know when a decision is going to be made about which one will get the job, but it better be quick that way whoever gets the job can start working on this years marching show!... [Read On]

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New Director to take over- June 24, 2002

e-mail addy's- June 24, 2002

About the Directors...- June 6, 2002

2001- 2002 Marching Roster- June 5, 2002

New Directors- May 29, 2002

The End- May 24, 2002


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