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"STATE" of Thought


Alright, since I was also in the show and the making of... here are basically my thoughts on how we really did at state.

For the most part we did really well, people fixed things that they had been doing wrong all season (with help) and did them correctly during competition. An applause and a "very well done" is in order for those people. Frankly, the reason i'm doing this right now is because it's really late and I don't feel tired yet...and it's a school night, so i'll probably end up "snoozing" in one or two of my classes tomorrow. Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah. Good job, yada, yada, yada, yada...AAHA! There was only one real place of which went really off, and that was when we hit the eight and eight sets of the drum feature, half the band was off right there, I had to count a bit "aloud" in order for people to get back on to step and on the correct foot, we got back on but then we ended up coming in on our music enterance a bit sloppy because the people on side one were off on their count, concluding that there some things jumbling around that I would be off count too. All in all, our show was coolio

REFLECTIONS: November 19/20, 2001

...I will miss it all, the most horrible thing i'd have to say, as a senior it didn't FEEL like the last marching day... it felt as if on Monday morning i'd have to wake up early again and march the show all over again. I think it was because the day ended early, and instead of staying there all day, we left just before 2pm then the regular all day round of 10pm . This year just felt off, no real "official" ending of the last football game, the 2nd year without going to ASU, of which i missed dearly but understood why we missed it. As I saw the ASU stadium as we were coming down from Thatcher (*ASU band day was on the same day as EAC), I realized...that was me there, inside, 2 years ago, and 2 years later here I am on the outside of the stadium, the lights shining bright but without us inside. I knew that i'd never go back there as a High School band member but as a spectator of the next generation of TGB band members able to go. I loved our show, but am sorrowful that we didn't get to put in the final song "Bare Island", which I found to be the most exciting song with energy and darkness and potential, that Mr. S has ever done. Another thing was off as well, the people, we've had so many people was tragic, but what had to happen, happened. There were no real section leaders in the Woodwinds,(saxophones, clarinets, alto-saxes) except me, who was able to keep the job going... The brassline on the other hand were able to keep it somewhat together, with an exception to a certain section, who's leader/s... didn't care if they did things wrong, they just didn't care to fix them, which ticked me the majority of the time...what was I to do, If I were to ask a certain someone to do something, they probably wouldn't have. DRUMLINE AND PIT! What can I say about them... I didn't see any real problems with them, that and the fact that I wasn't ever really around them, although they do tend to be moody creatures (tehehehe). Well, these were just my thoughts on the past several months, both content with and then not. I might be doing more of these in the future...just 'cause I feel like it.

Agree? Disagree? W/E, you can send me your opinion if you'd like ( not like you will, right?):

3:27am - I'm tired and now off to sleep, good bye and away...




November 25, 2001

I got bored again, this is my on-line-band-diary. Why? 'Cause I can. Maybe once in a while i'll put something from my actual life...if I only had one, BUT, that's besides the point. We gots groovy music to play, for those who aren't in the band those songs would be:

Fanfare Prelude of "Joy to the World"

"The Sound of Music"

And some other christmas song I can't think of right now.

We aren't going to Area Festival, due to the fact that our director wants more music played. I'm somewhat ok with that, yet again... It's a routine that's been interupted. Ok, well let's play into my break then.

Wednesday Afternoon:

I was a "moody creature" that afternoon, no one seemed to entertain nor please me. People who never really got on my nerves, GOT on my nerves. I'm getting more somber and tired as the year goes on, this year is suppose to be the funnest of them all, yet it's starting to quiet down, things are happening too quickly, I realized by next year I was going to be gone. The majority of the people i know now, I won't know nor recognize in a year or two. I'm thinking of dropping two classes that I don't need at all, that way i have more time for work and writing. I like those classes though, they're fun to be in but it's too stressing thinking about too many things inside school and out. I have meetings, interviews, etc., etc..., it's unerving.


BAND: What I want to know is, why is prop crew still...well, PROP CREW???!! Marching season is over, I don't think they have any rights to the prop room anymore! That room is just in horrible condition, the floors are dirty beyond dirty with things they have spilled in there (eating where they weren't suppose to be). I've about had enough with each and every one of them. I'm also tired of a certain Trumpet persons outbursts in the middle of class with other peers. One sees this happen, but we can't do much about it because we were told not to, so as to not angry that person or something like that. My say, kids just need to grow up sometime and learn responsibility. I don't know if he's section leader for next year or even this year, but if he is or is going to be, I TOTALLY disagree with it.


NEXT WEEK! Flagline: Close-knit, or the freakish femmanist version of the "Brady Bunch"...?!

Naw, I won't pick on Flagline, that's the only section I really like.

Like? no? yes? want more? Find it offensive? You know what to do, give me a rat-tat-tat: Subject: TGB BAND


November 30, 2001

The Trumpet section is just getting on my nerves this year, this (in all the three years) has never happend to me. They seem so MUCH more arrogant and pompus the the my section was (and ours was so because we chose to be). Outbursts still continue in the middle of class from them, they're never quiet when they're told to, you always hear Daryl (sp?) and Daniel going over they're music after Mr. S has cut-off is is speaking. Nothing is done about this, a little yelling and so on gets you no where with these people, that's what need to learn, I SAY: KICK 'EM OUT!! In any other class, if we talk and do stuff when we're told not too, and if violated more than once, Detention or disapline of sorts is given... in band that is totally non existant!

BEING-LATE: After being late to zero hour all of marching band, you'd think that people would be able to get to class on time when going to 1st hour, AN ENTIRE FREAKIN' 55 (or so) MINUTES LATER!! I understand getting late to zero hour (7:00am) but to 1st hour (8:00am) there is no excuse at all. Mr. S should do the whole, "if your tardy 2 times, the third time detentions with Mrs/Ms. Harris!". And again, no disiplinary action is done to these people. Next time I do this i'm naming people, I don't care if it offends them or not. For people who are on time every day, we have to endure the whole being late speech from Mr. S, and about distractions of people getting stands and chairs after class had already started, this is EVERY DAY. I don't appreciate given speeches that take forever and a day to get through because of people who should have been disaplined years ago. Certain Seniors are getting like this too. Two that I know of, ALWAYS late. I just want to tear their heads off and feed them to my fictional dog Cerebus (fluffy). Alright, I have to get sleep for tomorrow, I have an interview of sorts to prepare for, i'm very nevous about it. Wish me disaster or luck, either way I cant' hear you <g>.


you know the routine: