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April 27, 2004
- TGB Band Alumnist Dies

BRUIN2K IS NO LONGER UPDATED. Questions? Leave a message in the GUESTBOOK. Thanks, I appreciate the past support.

Trevor G. Browne
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Howard Adams

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June 29, 2007
Welcome to the official end. I just happened to be browsing around and remembered I had this site still up! It seeps in and out of my memory from time to time. I just eventually stopped updating the site because of the lack of time. No one wanted to take over the reigns and so here we are. I did a search and B2K has seeped it's way into many major marching band directories out there, and I can say i'm proud of that fact. I never said an official good-bye, but here it is. I don't know how long this site will stay up since it's static now and tripod can choose to do away with it, but I checked the PAGE VIEWED section on here and it said 298 this month. Not bad for a non updated high school band site! Anyway, much luck to all....and, Good-Bye.

Chungsook Chang-
April 27, 2004
TGB Band Alumnist (c/o '98) Chungsook Chang, dies of a fall at Workman Creek Falls. Unfortunately , I myself, never got to meet her since she graduated the same year I started at TGB, but the sadness of it is all the same. For those of you who knew her, you can read the news article about the incident....
Lead Story

Selma High School band page
Created by Michael G.
Saw this page from down up and it's going strong... plus they're mascott is also a bear! Links to other bands and some other kick butt related stuff. Check it out!

Agua Fria: Band of Owls
Co-created by our ex-bruin member turned owl, Jackie. Page is just starting out and is still under construction, view their progress.

Flowing Wells Images-
Pictures provided by Jessika Malic

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Pictures of the Moment

ASU Band Day 2003 Happy aren't they? :-D